How to Choose a New Online Rummy Platform?

It is established that rummy is a game of skill that is legal to play in India, but now you are wondering, how to find a genuine platform? When you search for an online rummy platform, you are swarmed with the number of operators. How do you know which one is a real, reliable, and safe platform? When scanning through the various online rummy games, keep in mind a few parameters to spot the real rummy platform from the fake ones.

Check for the TRF Seal

The Rummy Federation (TRF) is not a profit establishment and comes under the Societies Registration Act. It has verified and certified only four rummy operators in India with the Dynamic Seal and Tap Rummy is one of them. It means that the product or service is genuine, trustworthy, excellent, and gone through a process to ensure top notch quality.

To get the seal, the rummy operators have to go through an intense review and audit procedure that a well-known audit company performs. Before the audit, the platforms abide by a “code of conduct” for six months. On passing it, the gaming operators are granted the seal. TRF seal makes it a safe rummy platform that follows fair game and encourages responsible play.

A platform should also practice fair play policy that prevents any type of fraud and collision, giving each player a fair opportunity to win the game. A player cannot create multiple accounts and engage in illicit gaming behavior. A platform should also encourage players to play responsibly. In the sense, players have the liberty to set their monthly playing limit. It can be modified at any time. Besides, players can monitor their gameplay budget, time spent to play rummy online and even temporarily suspend their account.

Check the RNG factor

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a system or process that doles out numbers that are unpredictable and it will not be repeated. However, a certified software has to be used. For Tap Rummy, iTech Labs Australia had evaluated and certified the Random Number Generator Software. It complies with the relevant statistical standards of randomness. This certification ensures there is complete randomness when the cards are dealt to every player and every round. There is zero probability of a person entering the system and manipulating how cards are dealt. RNG is a flawless system perfect for dealing absolutely random cards to players.

Experience of the players

You want to play on a platform that has the largest number of players. For instance, Tap Rummy has over 10 million players and it is one of the oldest platforms that is still buzzing with excitement. So, you know that you are playing with real players and not a machine. Another way to voucher if the platform is genuine is to read the testimonials of players that have played and won on it. Go to the testimonial or reviews page of this platform and read the testimony of happy rummy players.

Consider transparency

To play online rummy, you reveal personal details for registering and bank details for withdrawing your rewards. Ensure your crucial information is protected, so play on a platform that is transparent. In the sense that the payment gateway is secured and reliable, so that you can transfer cash is a safe way. Also, the terms of use of your personal information are up front and clear. A genuine platform will lay it all out for you to read the fine print.

Check for big tournaments

Most rummy platforms organise regular or mega tournaments. A telling sign to check the credibility is the prize pool. A mediocre platform will offer a small prize pool for a mega tournament compared to a well-established rummy platform. Tap Rummy has been around for years and it has created a healthy rapport with its subscribers. Even the prize pool is one of the largest in comparison to other platforms. For the mega tournaments, the prize pool reaches lakhs and crores. If you are doubtful about the prizes, then feel reassured by reading the testimonials of the winners.

These are the main factors that make a rummy platform genuine and reliable. Going by these pointers, there are a couple of rummy operators that comply with them and Tap Rummy platform is one of them. Download Tap Rummy app and check on your own. It is important that players coming to play rummy have an entertaining time as well as play with a peace of mind.

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