This is a no brainer – as we get older, responsibilities keep stacking up. And what does it translate into? We feel guilty about everything we love doing – thinking how we could’ve done something else to be productive.

Online gaming too can bring its own set of challenges. You know what? Gaming is now considered an activity of improving brain functions and decision making. But like they say – everything in excess is unhealthy, even if it’s your most nutritious salad. Online Rummy too, has its own benefits, but those can be leveraged only if you play in moderation.

Are you 18 yet? – If not, try not to indulge in any real cash Rummy. You can protect minors from playing the game by keeping your login credentials confidential. We’d suggest you not to opt for ‘save password’ tab on any of your device.
Do you know the limit? – Every player is given an option to set either daily or monthly limit by sending a request to TapRummy via their registered email address. These requests can be modified after 72 hours. Don’t try to fool our servers – they’re way more intelligent.

Keep a few things in mind – you require money, time, energy, and intelligence to play the game. Don’t become addicted to it, make sure you play a lot of practice games before playing real cash games.
We are against everything unfair – Yes, our monitoring and surveillance systems detect unfair or inappropriate gaming practices to deliver a good gaming experience. Trying to access any information that’s not available for public domain, for instance, should be completely avoided.

Keep an eye on yourself – Keep an eye on yourself – Don’t go with the flow, we recommend you set a specific time to play games and log in over and above those hours only when you’ve registered for a tournament or when you feel you need some entertainment to come out of boredom. Playing in limits is advisable.
Watch out for your finances – Create a monthly or quarterly chart for yourself. It’ll help you keep a track of real cash Rummy prizes and will also keep you informed about the budget.
Are you feeling okay? – Try not to play when you have negative emotions dominating your mind. Remember, games can’t be your coping mechanism to any feeling whatsoever. Deal with the anger, anxiety, or frustration only to come back and sign up for entertainment.

Learn the ropes, start slow – TapRummy has many variants when it comes to online Rummy, try your hands on each one of them, and decide as to which one you like the best. Once you think you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of real cash rummy games, you’ll be good to go! Slow and steady always, always wins the race!
Oversharing is a no-no – Don’t share confidential information with anyone on any social platform. From your password to security question, everything should be considered and sensitive, and hence confined to you.
Last but not the least, shower kindness – It’s a game, you won’t win every time you play. The way you choose to behave during the game, is the impression you’re leaving for the rest of the community. The character you create within TapRummy becomes your We leave it up to you!

Brain stimulus, good strategy, and improved intelligence – Online rummy is doing this and a lot more to the community of players. Just make sure you’re responsible enough before starting the game and you’ll be good to go.

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